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address change

I'm washablepants  now, so if you're interested in any further updates from me, go there.

For sims people, my Mediafire folder~

cliquester~ stats

For those various ~cliquesters, you may know I have a post which has all the simselves of the ~clique. It, unfortunately, doesn't have the stats. We must rectify this, which is why I'm making this post! (just follow my example, here)

my shiny teeth and me~Collapse )
I thought it would be fun.

So, here we are, chronicling the history of the ~clique, as told by Ginger simsecret! This also serves as an introduction to anyone who may not know what the ~clique is. jsyk.

if i stand too close i might fall in, but if i'm too far out i'll never winCollapse )
Or, simselves of the clique, for your downloading pleasure!


Crystal Simself - crystal5533 - Crystal
Gem de la Rouge - mistydelarouge - Gem
Iris' Simself -lady_dragonae - Rissa
kelseypinkshoe - kelseypinkshoe - Kelsey
Lennon Dekker Base Game - from My Favorite Things: The Legacy by Jules
Lewis Simself -themarinalegacy - Lewis
Mae's Simself #2 - maenad36 - Mae
Maraupdate - maranazar - Mara
SimJules V3.0 - julessims - Jules
Sim Rosanna V2. or 3 -rosanna29 - Rosanna
SimChip - chippetg - Chip
simdani2 - omgzdani - Dani
SimHeather V.3 - imxplosion - Heather
SimJunev2 - junebug_13 - June
Sim!Ellis v2.0 - kyra_master701 - Ellis (geneticised version of the skinblend here)
Simself Sims 2 - paparazzi_x - Nichola
simself3 - wonderfulweirdo - Lauren
Syddems_simself -syddem87 - Sydney
Tom-2 - simsinthecity - Tom

~Honorary cliquesters~


Tell me if I missed anyone, alright?